Be A Good Man ...

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Be A Good Man ...

JOGJAKARTA - To welcome the start of regular lectures, the Study Program of Islamic Law (PSHI) of FIAI held Studium General (SG) at the Public Lecture (GKU), Prof. Sardjito Monday, 16 Dzulqa’dah 1436 AH / August 31th, 2015. Presenting as the speaker KH. Robitul Firdaus, SHI., MSI (Alumnus and Ph.D Candidate of IIU Malaysia) and Prof. Dr. Amir H. Mu’allim, MIS (Alumnus and Head of Study Program of Islamic Law).

In his speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Dr. H. Tamyiz Mukharrom, MA., welcomed the event. According to him, PSHI has graduated great alumni. It is certainly a motivation for new students.

At the beginning of delivery of material, Prof. Dr. Amir H. Mu’allim, MIS., stated that PSHI hasalready accredited by BAN-PT 2015’s again. According to him, it shows that the scientific achievements of the academic community PSHI are excellent. After that, he introduced the permanent lecturers and his staffof Islamic law.

Prof. Amir, what he is usually called, also revealed the excellence of PSHI. Among them, in 2015 this PSHI received a grant from the Academic Development Agency (BPA) UII which was worth nearly half a billion. Besides, the Islamic law student achievement was also quite encouraging. It was entitled to be encouragement for new students.

Meanwhile, according to Firdaus Robitul, the students must prepare themselves as best as possible from the beginning of their study. Thus, when they have graduated, they do not have to look for anything but they will be sought by many things. They will not be looked for by a job but they will be sought by the job. It is certainly not easy, but the Shari’ahalumni has a great opportunity.

Furthermore, Robitul Firdaus said that the purpose of knowledge is to create a good man. "As the good student is not alwaysa good man. Meanwhile, if they are already good men, surely they are good students, " said him. Students studying seriously until they reach good scores are good students. However, if he forgot to pray because of their learning, he is not good manyet.

Last, Robitul Firdaus advised new PSHI students to master Arabic and English. Then, they are better to improve their writing skills. "In order to be fashīhul kalām wa fashīhul qalam,"said him in SG moderated by Samson Zakaria, S.Sy.. Moreover, more knowledge to be master are the science of public speaking, thinking methodology, and identification of community needs.

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